Our Vision


About Omaha Arts Council

The Omaha Arts Council (OAC) is about helping people make a living on their art, which in turn stimulates the economy by providing the necessary tools for artists to be successful. Local artists will help enrich Omaha's art scene, and the OAC would bring in the best artists from around the world to teach them, create craftsman's guilds, and make Omaha the new arts renaissance of the world.

Art is a form of self-expression, and Omaha is a center for many diverse cultures and people. From drawing, jazz, dance, glass blowing, architecture, and more – art is in everyone. It enhances our lives by providing relaxation, entertainment, inspiration, exercise, rehabilitation, creativity, and personal meaning. Art is more than just physical, it’s also emotional and intellectual – like a living entity. The art we create, no matter what form, is part of who we are at that moment – a living expression that captures us, gives wonder and curiosity, tells a story, brings joy, carries our sorrows or anger, and provides hope to others in a way that can’t be explained in words.

The Omaha Arts Council is about people who create any form of art, helping them to share who they are to the world while being able to support themselves by doing what they love. This is the OAC’s vision, this is what economic development of the arts is about – helping people.

Our vision is the economic development of the arts, from local to the international level. Our purpose is to support artists for success. The strategic plan includes advocacy, networking, planning, and resources for long and short terms.