Why Art Tank Omaha?

Art Tank brings Artists and Investors together - offering an opportunity for Mutually Beneficial Joint Venture Partnerships. (Think of it as a perfect blend between Shark Tank and Project Runway)

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Art Tank will be hosting local events that invite both artists, and investors to meet. Artists will be displaying their artwork for a silent auction, while investors have a chance to vote on the artist they want to invest in!

Art Tank gives a chance for local artists to thrive  here in Omaha by connecting them with investors who believe in their work and want to support them. Artists get the funding and support they need, and investors help support a member of the local community who they believe in.

What Is Art Tank Omaha?

Art Tank Omaha is sponsored by the Omaha Arts Council, and Omaha Chamber of Commerce. 

Art Tank Omaha

How does Art Tank Work?

Want To Be Part of Art Tank Omaha?

Connect With Us! Questions? Call Mr. Alvin Harper. Phone: (402) 452-9064

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